The College Inn Farm is a project that currently provides a variety of fresh produce. The focus of the farm changes seasonally. Herbs are a year round item of the farm and provide an ultra fresh compliment to our menu. The seasonality of the vegetables and fruits help enhance the creativity of our specials. Additionally, fresh farm eggs provide a great twist at times. Currently, a variety of breeds (Auracuna, Buff Orpington, Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red, and Black Star) reside at the farm providing us with a steady supply of rich, deep orange yolks. The flock, affectionately referred to as the Cock-a-doodle Convent, give some life to the grounds as they enjoy pecking about the farm searching for the goodies they enjoy. This traditional breakfast item is presented in unique ways for dinner, sometimes changing the common held perception of the egg.


Crescent City Farmers Market
Great public market for us all to find odds and ends.

The Hollygrove Market
Just around the corner from Ye Olde College Inn and sometimes a handy spot to put a quick fix to the menu.

Chappapeela Farms
Chappapeela Farms in Husser Louisiana, is a family owned and family operated farm.

Covey Rise Farms

Cultivating Communities
Cultivating Communities is a partnership between Longue Vue House and Gardens and the Waldo Burton Memorial School. Longue Vue and Waldo Burton instructors and students explore a three-part curriculum of gardening, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy over the course of a school year